Our tools are fully web-based and mobile friendly; you are not required to install anything. They come pre-loaded with current and historical data (spot & futures).


The tool provides risk management advisory after taking your own commodity risk exposure & risk appetite into account. Support modules provide advisory based on your inputs.


Commodity risk management concepts can be complex and full of jargon. Our tool is specifically designed to cut out the jargon and focus on actionable insights.

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  • Why do I need Price Risk Management?

    As an agribusiness you have no control over volatility of prices. Having a price risk management strategy will protect you from adverse price movements and secure future cash flow.

  • Who are the users of your tool and services?

    Any business that is exposed to commodity price risk. For example, traders, processors, importer and exporter. The tools are also useful for Resource Institute promoting FPO.

  • What kind of support does the tool provide?

    The tool quantifies the risk exposure and helps the user select a right hedging mechanism to minimise the exposure. The tool also provides market intelligence and fundamentals for the commodities.

  • Do you provide custom solutions?

    Customised solutions can be created depending on the need and price data availability for the required commodity. We have created multiple custom projects based on specific client needs.

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