Agricultural intelligence powered by geospatial data and AI to deliver evidence based insights.

Crop Insurance

We provide crop insurance companies with insights that help them administer, monitor, and access claims at scale and high precision.

Impact Assessment

Development organizations use our platform to plan projects and improve climate resilience for smallholder farmers.

Sustainable Finance

Our platform provides APIs to track progress of performance indicators such as land-use change for sustainable finance.

  • What are your data sources?

    Our sources include public satellite data from ESA, NASA, JAXA, Private Weather Entities, Indian Remote Sensing Centres and Clients

  • What kind of insights do you provide?

    Crop Sowing Progress, Acreages, Weather, Damage Assessment, Prevented Sowing & Yield Loss Information and Farm Level Insights on Cropping Intensity, Soil Moisture, Cropped Area.

  • In which format are these insights available?

    These insights are available from our web based platform(Sentry) and RESTful API’s. Our platform generates periodic reports which can be customised according to client’s requirements.

  • How much does it all cost?

    There is a basic-subscription fee for a standard set of insights and number of users. Any additional insights will be an add-on to the basic fee. In principle all subscriptions are annual.


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